Team Championships 1st League

Cluj Napoca welcomes Europe !

Cluj Napoca will host in June 2021 the European Team Championships 1st League, the athletics event that you should not miss this summer!

First European track event ever hosted in Romania, comes to Cluj Napoca  and will show the titanic challenge between 13 European nations!

The winning team of the competitions will be awarded access in the Super League Team in the next competition.

The Team Championships 1st League will take place in 2 different days and will host 18 individual events and two relays. The winner will compete after two years in Super League and the final three teams will compete in 2nd League. 

There will be thrill, there will be show, there will be emotion! Come to Cluj Arena in 19th and 20th of June 2021 to watch and to feel the emotion of the Team Championships 1st League! 

For latest news regarding the championships, as well as for any important information for athletes and general public, please visit the site more frequently close to the competition. 


ETCH League 1 brings the athletics spark in Cluj Napoca !