About Cluj-Napoca

Cluj-Napoca is the seat of Cluj County and the spiritual and economic capital of Transylvania as well as an influential academic and medical centre; the heart of multiculturalism and diversity, Cluj is the city where the past, the present and the future forged the identity and local specifics. In the Protocols of the XVIth century, kept almost entirely at Directia Judeteana Cluj a Arhivelor Nationale (the National Archives of Cluj county), the citizen of Cluj is proudly referred to as a person who loves their homeland and the Republic is the utmost principle entire city, for which we have a duty to die, to which we must offer and devote all we have.

Cluj – the treasure city is therefore an urban republic, a homeland for its inhabitants, a city where the organization of local administration, the proper distribution of taxes, the public order and urban development were always the utmost importance.

Although Cluj citizens spoke different languages, they knew how to live together in harmony, to mutually accept and respect the values of a city which always hosted different ethnics, religions and social classes. For these reasons, the most valuable and sustainable richness of the treasure city is that remarkable art of living together.

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