The following countries require visas to enter in Romania: Turkey and Belarus. The Turkish application shall be made to the Romanian embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The LOC will then send an official invitation letter to proceed with the visa application. Team Belarus shall apply for a Romanian visa at the Romanian embassy in Minsk, Belarus. […]

Cluj Arena

Cluj Arena is a multi-purpose stadium in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. It is the host of numerous national and Balkan athletics championships and it is also the home of the Universitatea Cluj football team.


All team hotels are located 5-20 minutes from the competition site. Teams will be accommodated in one of the following high-standard hotels located in the city center or near the competition venue where each hotel will host from one to three teams. The nearest airport is Cluj Airport ”Avram Iancu” Dedicated buses for teams will […]

Team Manual

Please consult all the relevant informations about the competition on the dedicated site published by European Athletics


Avram Iancu Cluj International Airport is located in Cluj-Napoca, the most important urban center of Transylvania (with over 320,000 inhabitants) and placed geographically, economically, historically and culturally, in the center of this historic region with 7 million inhabitants. The airport is located on the E576 road, about 10 km east of Cluj-Napoca city center and […]