European Athletics Team Championships 1st League – Cluj Napoca. Participating countries: Greece

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SEGAS played a leading role in sports, both in Greece and around the world, being the first Federation founded (1897) on the international map. The organization initially included all sports (aletism, football, basketball, volleyball, swimming, tennis, fencing, cycling, gymnastics, wrestling, boxing, horseback riding, shooting, judo, etc.) which later became independent federations.

SEGAS was fortunate to have among it wise and visionary people who created a sports movement by transmitting the Olympic ideals and culture of Greece to the world, contributing decisively to the universality of sport, peace and culture.

SEGAS organized in 1928 the first meeting between national teams: the Balkan Games. Greek athletics gave the world Olympic, European, world champions, athletes who broke world or continental records.

At the previous (eighth) edition of the European Team Championship, Greece played in the Super League, but retrograde. In Cluj Napoca, this time in First League, will line up a strong team, led by European leaders Miltos Tentoglou (long jump) and Voula Papahristou (triple jump).