European Team Championship – 1st League – Cluj Napoca. Participating countries: Belgium

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Sport plays an important role in Belgian society, athletics being among the preferences! The king sport in the olympic context is governed by three major bodies: the Belgian Royal Athletics League (federal association), the Flemish League and the French-speaking League.

Over time, Belgium has hosted a number of major athletics events, starting with the Olympic Games in Antwerp (1920), the 1950 European Championships or the 1973, 2001, 2004 Indoor World Championships, to which is added the indoor ECh (2000).

Famous athletes have brought Belgium fame to the world, such as the olympic champions Gaston Roelants (3000 m steeplechase – 1964), Tia Hellebaut (high jump – 2008) or Thiam Nafissatou (heptathlon – 2016).

At the eighth edition of the European Team Championship, Belgium also played in First League, where it will also compete in Cluj Napoca.