European Team Championship – 1st League – Cluj Napoca. Participating countries: Finland

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The Finnish Athletics Federation (SUL) has been operating as an independent federation since 1931. It was previously a sports division of the National Association (1906).

In Finland, the best performing country in olympic history in terms of the number of medals per capita, athletics is very popular. So, not coincidentally, the famous runner Paavo Nurmi, who dominated the Olympic Games between 1920-1930, with nine gold medals and 22 world records, is considered the most important Finnish athlete of all time. To the international fame of finnish athletics are added the excellent javelin throwers that have established themselves in the last century. At the same time, Finland has impeccably organized a series of great athletic events starting with the Olympic Games , but also the World Championships in 1983 and 2005, as well as the European outdoor Championships in 1971, 1994, 2012, all competitions being hosted by “Olympic Stadium” in Helsinki.

In 2019, Finland competed in the Superliga of the European Team Championship. Participating countries, but relegated, in Cluj Napoca (ninth edition) to play in First League.