European Team Championships – 1st League – Cluj Napoca. Participating countries: Switzerland

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After the first Olympic Games of the modern era in 1896, in Athens, athletics became one of the favorite sports of the Swiss. But it took a quarter of a century for a Swiss to set a world record. It is about Josef Imbach, 100 m.

This year, “Swiss Athletics” celebrates its jubilee (50th anniversary). The Federal Athletics Society (SFA), established in 1924 as a sub-federation of the Federal Gymnastics Society (SFG) and the Swiss Amateur Athletics Association (ASAA), born in 1949 as a sub-federation of the Swiss Football and Athletics Association (ASFA), merged Swiss Athletics Federation (FSA, Swiss Athletics since 1 November 2006).

Going back to 1971, it should be noted that women – deprived of the right to vote until then – ushered in the new era. Meta Antenen (long jump) achieved what can be called two “leaps of the century”, and Marijke Moser is known for being the first woman to run in the classic Morat-Friborg.

Today, the fame of the “land of the cantons” is carried around the world by Alex Wilson, Abraham Tadesse, Kariem Hussein, Lea Sprunger or Mujinga Kambundji.

In fact, since 2004, the headquarters of “European Athletics” is located in Lausanne, and the Swiss Hansjorg Wirz led the important continental organization for 16 years (1999-2015).

Switzerland will play in the ninth edition of the European Team Championships – 1st League, just like the previous edition.