Top athletes present at European Team Championships – 1st League, Cluj Napoca: Alina Talay

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Alina Talay is one of the most valuable and experienced sportswomen who will fight for promotion to the Belarusian national team at the European Team Championships – 1st League, in Cluj-Napoca, from June 19-20, 2021.

At the age of 32, Alina reached the peak of her career twice: in 2012, in Istanbul, at the World Indoor Championships, she won bronze in the 60 m hurdles; and in 2015, in Beijing, he also climbed the third step of the podium, at the World Outdoor Championships, in the 100 m hurdles event.
In addition, at the European Championships – indoor and outdoor – Alina Talay, 20-time national champion, has five medals: three gold (Helsinki 2012, Gothenburg 2013, Prague 2015) and two silver (Amsterdam 2016 and Belgrade 2017).

Its P.B. at 60 m fences is 7.85 s, and at 100 m fences it is 12.41 s.

Alina Talay was born on May 14, 1989, an opportunity for us to send her good health, career success and a sincere and warm “Happy Birthday!”