We are looking for stars!

Do you want to be a part of the team that will deliver a great European Athletic Championship ?

If you like the spotlight, you’re passionate about service and you want to exceed our guests’ greatest expectations, you are the star we are looking for!

This summer Cluj Napoca will buzz with energy and great time! It will be a summer you will never forget since Cluj Napoca is hosting for the first time an European Athletics Championship!

If you want to become a volunteer, you will make new friends, you will learn new things and you will have an amazing time! Our volunteers have the most important roles during the championships. Choose the area where you consider you will fit best and will give the best opportunity to express your skills and passions!

Apply here to become a volunteer

Being a volunteer

We will have many exciting volunteers’ missions. You can choose to work with accreditation, media, guest service and transportation. We are looking for starts that are polite, service-minded and reliable!

You will get an experience you will never forget, special ETCH 1st League  clothes, food during working and for sure you will have a lot of new friends! Nevertheless you will have a chance to broaden your CV and make a lot of contacts!

If you have any questions about your application, you are welcome to contact office@fra.ro

Description of the different volunteer jobs ETCH 1st League:


At Anti-doping you are part of a team that will chaperone athletes who are selected for the anti-doping test. You are not the one to perform the test or to take one, but the person that follows the athletes to the anti-doping facilities. Training for this role will be provided on-site. Here you must be courteous and show consideration for the athletes. Good knowledge of English is required.


You will be joining the team which performs all the ceremonies, including the opening, flower, medal and closing ceremonies. You must be active and be able to perform your tasks under time pressure.


You will work in a very sensitive department where you will take care to see that staff, volunteers, teams, media and VIP have the correct accreditation which gives them access to specific areas around the arena. You will be working in the Accreditation Center and be the first point of contact for teams, media and VIP. You will also perform other related administrative duties. Good knowledge of English is required.


As a media volunteer you will assist the Media Director in taking care of TV-staff, journalists and photographers. You will work and assist in places as Media Centre, Mixed Zone, infield photographers and Media Tribune. Volunteers must follow defined protocol when interacting with athletes, teams and their support staff. 

Requirements: Volunteers must be professional, courteous and pleasant. You must be prepared to work with international deadlines and be able to handle pressure situations. Second language skills are beneficial.


We need you who are interested in working with technology such as data entry, image, sound and light, but also pull cables and be involved in other preparations that may involve some heavy work.


You will act as an access monitor and ensure that only people with the correct accreditation are allowed into accredited spaces around the venue. Polite but firm manner is essential for this role. Good knowledge of English.

Team hospitality

In our team hospitality team you are going to be helping with a lot of different tasks such as making sure that all national teams are well taken care of during the event. You will be positioned in the team hospitality lounges to ensure that all support services are running smoothly. Second language skills are beneficial.


We always want to give our guests the latest information and answer their questions. Information desks will be located at the airport, at all the hotels and at the arena. Working knowledge of English is required.

Volunteers infield

ETCH 1st League championships is an athletics competition so of course we need volunteers infield.  This task can include everything from transporting clothes  to managing results. Volunteers must follow defined protocol when interacting with athletes, teams and their support staff.

Volunteers’ center host

We want to give all volunteers a chance to recharge in the volunteers’ center, which means that we will need hosts that can perform tasks such as making coffee, serving and preparing food, and much more. In short, we need someone that can create a cozy environment where volunteers can recharge.

Hosts and hostesses

We need someone to work in and around the VIP area, performing different types of service tasks for our guests such as serving food and providing information, always with personal treatment and hostesship top of mind. Good knowledge of English is preferred.